Specified cast is not valid - next case ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thank you to solve so quickly my problem.

    I have another "Specified cast is not valid" with ExecuteScalar for a request "SELECT COUNT(*)".

    My code was :
    return (int) BDD.ExecuteScalar("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Jobs");

    And I have to update it like this :
    System.Decimal _dcount = (System.Decimal) BDD.ExecuteScalar("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Feeds");
    return (int) _dcount;

    It is not very important, but perhaps it would be better to manage this in the provider ?


    • Tim McDaniel

      Tim McDaniel - 2004-04-21

      For this COUNT(*) SQL statement, SQLite returns a column type of NUMERIC, which SQLite.NET maps to Decimal.  Since NUMERIC and DECIMAL are synonymous in SQL, this mapping is by design.

      You should be able to shorten your statement a bit:
      return (int) (Decimal) BDD.ExecuteScalar("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Jobs");


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