Newbie Tutorial

  • PeterP

    PeterP - 2004-03-04

    I've written a newbie tutorial, please provide me with some feedback.

    • Tim McDaniel

      Tim McDaniel - 2004-03-08

      Would you like to place your tutorial document on this website?  If so, you can upload it to the Docs section and I'll see that it gets posted.

    • Tim McDaniel

      Tim McDaniel - 2004-03-12

      Thanks for uploading the tutorial.
      Unfortunately, when I tried to post it, it disappeared, must be a sourceforge bug. :(

      I've given you doc manager permissions for the project, so if you want to try to post it yourself, have at it.

    • PeterP

      PeterP - 2004-03-17

      The tutorial has been posted.

      We really need more documentation, anyone interested in converting it to VB? Or any other .NET language for that matter... Maybe increasing the explinations of the documentation aswell...

      I'll work on this tonight.


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