SQLite 3.0 support

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-06-19


    Are there plans to release a version that supports SQLite 3.0?  If so, is there an expected release date?


    • Alexander Gavrilov

      Version 3.0 did change API and it is still in ALPHA state. I'll, probably, make a branch of SQLite.NET to play with the version 3.0, but don't expect releases of files before SQLite 3.0 is finalized.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Has anyone had a chance to look at creating a version that works with SQLite 3 yet? I copied a db into v3 and the size of the db is 37% smaller. Doing a count of records in a table is 11x faster than 2.8

      • Alexander Gavrilov

        I expect to release the version supporting SQLite 3.0 this week.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great News!!



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