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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    adding compression feature like ?

    I think that zlib is the best choice.

    • Wilson Chan

      Wilson Chan - 2004-03-15

      I check and fount that they have some features. please refer to it.

    • Wilson Chan

      Wilson Chan - 2004-03-15
    • Tim McDaniel

      Tim McDaniel - 2004-03-15

      SQLite does implement compression using the NTFS file compression on NT/2K/XP.

      Connection parameter "Compress=True"

      Of course, this isn't nearly as good a compression as zlib, but at least it's something.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      but how about on other systems such as win95/98/me? I do think that if there is an built-in compression, that will be much better;)

    • Wilson Chan

      Wilson Chan - 2004-03-17

      the new SQLite 2.8.13 has made the encode/decode an official feature. would you please add the support for it?


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