Debug vs. Release version deployment

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I built a Debug and Release version of Finisar.SQLite.dll. When I deploy the Debug version to a machine that does NOT have Visual Studio .NET installed (but does have the .NET Framework 1.1), I get an exception that my application cannot load the Finisar.SQLite.dll or one of its dependents.

    When I deploy Debug libs to a machine that DOES have Visual Studio, it works great.

    When I deploy the Release version, it works great.

    Anyone out there know why this is? We would really like to be able to deploy the debug versions of software while we're in development.

    Thanks for your input.

    • Alexander Gavrilov

      The debug version of the Finisar.SQLite assembly depends on the debug version of C run-time library MSVCR71D.DLL. This DLL must be installed on the target machine or simply copied to the same directory as Finisar.SQLite.DLL.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for this information. Putting this DLL in the path helped with the stated problem. I greatly appreciate your response.

      Amit Nayar


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