hi all

sqlite newbie - i always get an error table doesnt exists - but when is query with sqlite than i get a result - thanks for every hint

SQLiteCommand sqlite_select = new SQLiteCommand();
                sqlite_select = sqlite_connection.CreateCommand();
                sqlite_select.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Word WHERE field1 = \"" + token + "\"";

                // Now the SQLiteCommand object can give us a DataReader-Object:
                SQLiteDataReader sqlite_datareader = sqlite_select.ExecuteReader();
                // The SQLiteDataReader allows us to run through the result lines:
                while (sqlite_datareader.Read()) // Read() returns true if there is still a result line to read
                    // Print out the content of the text field:
                    System.Console.WriteLine("\n" + sqlite_datareader["text"] + "\n");