hello everyone, good day!

Im having a problem when I tried to update database.

I always receive an error 'unable to open database file'. I dont know what's wrong with this.

I have attached herewith the sample code for everyone to review the problem.

    Private Sub NewNewsItem()
        Dim strcon As String
        Dim dbcon As SQLiteConnection
        Dim dbDA As SQLiteDataAdapter
        Dim dbDS As DataSet
        Dim dbcmd As SQLiteCommand

        strcon = "Data Source=" + Server.MapPath("/isuzu/db/isuzu.s3db") + ";Version=3;New=False;Compress=True;"
        dbcon = New SQLiteConnection(strcon)

        dbDA = New SQLiteDataAdapter("select * from tnews", dbcon)
        dbDS = New DataSet


        Dim strsql As String
        Dim strInsert As StringBuilder

        'build the string
        strInsert = New StringBuilder
        strInsert.Append("Insert into Tnews (")
        strInsert.Append("NewsETitle, ")
        strInsert.Append("newseshortdesc, ")
        strInsert.Append("newsedesc, ")
        strInsert.Append("newsATitle, ")
        strInsert.Append("newsashortdesc, ")

        strInsert.Append(") values (")

        strInsert.Append("'" + txtNewsETitle.Text + "',")
        strInsert.Append("'" + txtShortEDesc.Text + "',")
        strInsert.Append("'" + txtLongEDesc.Text + "',")
        strInsert.Append("'" + txtNewsATitle.Text + "',")
        strInsert.Append("'" + txtShortADesc.Text + "',")
        strInsert.Append("'" + txtLongADesc.Text + "')")


        dbcmd = dbcon.CreateCommand()
        dbcmd.CommandText = strInsert.ToString

        dbcmd.ExecuteNonQuery() '<--unable to open database file

End Sub

Kindly help me please.. thanks