'MissingMethodException' on WinCE 4.1 Device

  • Patrick Ulmer

    Patrick Ulmer - 2005-11-15

    SQLite ist realy a very nice product and this ADO.NET Data Provider works great in my C# project for Desktop-PCs. But now I want to use SQLite in my diploma thesis and I get 'MissingMethodException' on my Windows CE 4.1 device with Intel XScale PXA-255 (ARMV4T) CPU. I habe read so much but no solution on this. Please, can sombody help me.


    • Robert Foster

      Robert Foster - 2005-11-19

      Not likely, anything earlier than PocketPC 2003 is not supported.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      How about WinCE4.2 or WinCE5.0?
      Does SQLite.Net for CF run on PocketPC only?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Wince4.2 is ok,and smartphone is supported.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Have you also sync the sqlite_wrapper.dll?


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