Version 0.17 is out

  • Alexander Gavrilov

    - C++ sources are converted to C#. Now SQLite.NET requires the presense of
      the native sqlite.dll. SQLite.NET.dll became completely managed.
      The separation of managed and native DLLs was done in the anicipation
      of PocketPC version of SQLite and SQLite.NET.
    - Added one more option to the connection string. The option is called
      'UTF8Encoding' and could be True or False. If the option is True, results
      returned from SQLite are considered UTF8-encoded. If the option is False,
      results are considered ASCII-encoded. In both cases, the appropriate
      conversion is performed to get resulting UTF18/UCS2 managed String.
      The default value of this option is False.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am upgrading to version 0.18 from v. 0.14.

      I am having a small problem figuring out where I should put the native Sqlite.DLL file.

      I am using this in an ASP.NET project. I have referenced the new Sqlite.NET.dll file, rebuilt my project, and in addition deployed the Sqlite.dll file in the application bin directory.

      When I run my ASP.NET application I get the following error: System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'sqlite'.


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