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ADOdb Lite is faster than ADOdb!

Some people were wondering if ADOdb Lite was any faster than ADOdb since it is also smaller. I decided to use the same benchmark testing that was used for ADOdb on their site.

Benchmark Hardware:
P4 1.0Ghz
Fedora Core 3
Apache 2.0.54
PHP 4.3.11
MySQL 4.1.10

ADOdb 4.65
ADOdb Lite 0.11

The test used the settings detailed below on how to test yourself. The Accelerator test was performed using eAccelerator 0.9.3 with optimizations enabled.

With No
Accelerator Accelerator
MySQL 101.60 93.20
ADOdb Lite 84.37 54.70
ADOdb 64.33 17.40

As you can see, in addition to using less memory, ADOdb Lite is 300% faster than ADOdb on a server without an accelerator installed. And if you have an accelerator it is about 30% faster than ADOdb.

Check the Benchmark Link on the ADOdb Lite homepage for information on how to perform this test yourself.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-08-07

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