ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.09

I have had a number of people ask for the inclusion of some of the PEAR compatible functions from ADOdb. I have added most of them and they haven't added too much of an increase to the package size. I am not supporting the PEAR error handler so you will receive only the normal responses. This shouldn't affect the majority of the scripts using those functions.

The added Database Functions are: Qmagic (not a PEAR compatible function but a small add), Quote, ErrorNative, Query, LimitQuery and Disconnect

The added Resultset Functions are: Free, NumRows, NumCols, FetchRow and FetchInto

The test_adodb_lite.php program has been updated to include tests for all of the above functions.

Fixed two bugs in the Postgres drivers. One error would cause a double connection to the database server and the other prevented a persistent database connection when the createdatabase option was enabled and a database had to be created.

Plus a couple of Reference errors were fixed so the package should now work on PHP 4.4.x and PHP 5.x.x.

This version increases the memory footprint of ADOdb Lite from approximately 80k to 90k.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-07-18

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