ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.07

This version of ADOdb Lite finally implements the extend for the ADOConnection class properly. The method I was using on earlier versions was a kludge to save memory. Creating the extend object after the main object wasvery bad programming and wouldn't allow for extending the drivers in different ways in the future. One of the things some people have been asking about is the ability to add session support as well as debugging options. Making this change will make adding those things easier.

I have finally added support for the SelectLimit function for mssql, mssqlpo and SyBase. The and files have been merged into the main driver as they only added 1-2k of system overhead with the new changes.

This version decreases the memory footprint of ADOdb Lite from approximately 84k to approximately 78k. Another nice savings of 6k with some creative programming. ;)

I hope others will dive in and start creating new features like debug and session support that can be included in the package.

The one departure I am going to make from 100% compatibility with ADOdb is in the Caching department. The exact same commands will be used but you will have to use a different database type name. Prefixing the curent database type name with 'c_'.

IE: 'mysql' would be 'c_mysql' for the caching version

This will use a completely different database driver specifically optimized for caching.

I do not have a firm date for when this will be coming out because I do not have a firm roadmap on how I will implement the code for database caching. I have a number of ideas that I need to try out first.

The maximum memory usage limit for caching will be set at 200k. This is double the limit I have set for the normal ADOdb Lite.

We have been switching a number of our Commercial websites from ADOdb and Smarty to ADOdb Lite and Smarty-Light . The change in the speed and use of resources has been amazing. Each client dropped from 900k of system ram to only 200k of system ram. That is less than 1/4 of the ram normally used. It has been a huge boon to the high traffic sites as the CPU load has dropped dramatically while allowing more clients.

These packages are not just for small websites but work wonders for large websites with very high traffic.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-26

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