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ADOdb Lite Version 1.42 Released - Jan 11, 2007

Display Console for Query Tracking that can be used as an include file.

Query tracking for performance testing. There are three new database array variables $db->query_list, $db->query_list_time and $db->query_list_errors. These variables will contain every processed query and the time it took to process the query for the current instance of
the database object. This will allow easy tracking of every query on any page and the amount of time it took to execute each query. This is independent of the performance monitor and allow query speed testing on any database.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2007-01-12

ADOdb Lite Version 1.40 Released - Dec 17, 2006

This version of ADOdb Lite finally adds support for the ADOdb Meta Functions though the meta module. For more information check the Modules page. The meta functions that were required by the Data Dictionary have been removed from the Data Dictionary module and placed in the meta module. This will require adding the meta module to the modules loaded by the ADOdb Connection object.

I would like to thank Daniele (legolas558 at for supplying the Gladius database driver.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2006-12-17

ADOdb Lite Version 1.30 Released - Sep 1, 2006

This version of ADOdb Lite includes a number of fixes and additions. Please read the change log for more information.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2006-09-01

ADOdb Lite Version 1.20 - April 2, 2006

This release adds two new modules and new functions to the extend module.

Menu Module adds the following new functions for generating menus from result sets.

Result set functions included: GetMenu, GetMenu2 and GetMenu3

Object Module adds the following new functions for manipulating the result set data through onjects.

Result set functions included: FetchObj, FetchObject, FetchNextObj and FetchNextObject... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2006-04-03

ADOdb Lite Version 1.15 Released - March 25, 2006

It has been almost two months since the last version of ADOdb Lite was released and I know there were a couple of bugs that people really needed to have fixed. During these past 8-9 weeks Murphy decided to spend time at my house.

One of the things I wanted to add for this release is something a number of people have been wanting for some time, especially people wanting to develope modules for ADOdb Lite.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2006-03-26

ADOdb Lite Version 1.14 Released - February 9, 2006

A critical bug in the Move function in all drivers slipped through testing and is corrected with this release.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2006-02-10

ADOdb Lite Version 1.13 Released - February 8, 2005

It has been too long since the last version and I have been very busy working on other projects. This release doesn't have any of the new modules I wanted to add but does include some critical bug fixes.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2006-02-09

ADOdb Lite Version 1.12 Released - December 21, 2005

This is a maintenance release.

Added support for the GenID function through the Extend Module.

Changed how the InsertID function works in the mssql and mssql drivers. Changed the offset and row to a faster method for the mssql and mssqlpo drivers.

Fixed the GetArray function in all drivers to return a result array if the last record was selected as the only record to be returned.

Fixed the GetAssoc function to return the proper result set in all drivers.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-12-21

ADOdb Lite Version 1.10 Released - November 14, 2005

This is a maintenance release.

The SQLDate function was missing in the SQLite and SQLite Pro drivers. If only the host name was given when connecting to an SQLite/SQLite Pro database the connection would fail. The host name will be used if the database name is empty.

The postgres64, postgres7 and postgres8 drivers had the incorrect connection data in the _makeconnection function. If the host, user or password were missing an error would occur.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-11-15

ADOdb Lite Version 1.04 Released - November 6, 2005

This release adds support for the ADOdb Error Handler, ADOdb Date Functions and SHA1 Session Encryption.

All of the ADOdb Date functions are supported. To use them you need to add the date module to the connection string or the adodb.config.php. Check the How to Install and Modules pages for more information.

The test_adodb_lite.php program has been updated to include tests for the ADOdb Date Functions.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-11-06

ADOdb Lite Version 1.02

This is another maintenance release.

The persistent connection flag for the PConnect and Connect functions were reversed causing the Connect function to use persistent connections and PConnect to use non-persistent connections.

The postgres driver will now set the proper values for the RecordCount and FieldCount functions.

The DSN fetchmode flag wasn't setting the appropriate fetchmode.

The Move/MoveFirst/MoveLast functions will now set the EOF flag appropriately.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-09-22

ADOdb Lite Version 1.01

This is a maintenance release that fixes a variable naming problem in the adodb.config.php file. The $module variable name should be renamed to $modules. A false connection report using the $db->IsConnected() function has been fixed.

The adodb.config.php file now supports the use of a full DSN entry in the $dbtype variable. For more information be sure to read the How to Install documentation.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-09-14

ADOdb Lite Version 1.00

I am proud to announce a major update to ADOdb Lite.

Support for the ADOdb Data Dictionary and XML Schema system has been included. The Data Dictionary documentation details how to use this new feature. A test program (test_datadictionary.php) is offered to test all of the supported databases.

DSN (Data Source Name) Connection Methods are now supported with expanded module capabilities. You can add an anchor (#) to the end of the DSN string designating the libraries to load. More information can be found in the How to Install documentation/page. ... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-09-01

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.14

Session support has been expanded to include support for Gzip and Bzip2 compression as well as Mcrypt, MD5 and Secret encryption. The compression/encryption options are enabled using the same methods from ADOdb for compatability. A new compression method called OrdCrypt has been included.

Even with the inclusion of the new methods the session handler is about 1/3 the size of the ADOdb version and over 350% faster. This is a huge savings for large high traffic sites.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-08-25

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.13

This version of ADOdb Lite has an innovative new module feature.

This is one of the things I have always thought ADOdb has needed... A way to easily extend the library where programmers do not have to rewrite the core library code.

The new module system will allow as many modules to be loaded as you need. The only real limit is in the amount of memory you have on your server. But I doubt if there will be tens of thousands of modules created for this library to make that ever come close to happening.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-08-12

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.12

This version fixes a problem where the Mysql CONCAT function was inappropriately quoting the entries. Fixed a problem with the session handler not storing the expireref field data the first time a session is created.

I have included test_adodb_lite_sessions.php to easily test the session handling features on your server.

Numerous functions were rewritten to reduce the memory overhead by 6k.

This version decreases the memory footprint of ADOdb Lite from approximately 100k to 94k.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-08-09

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.11

ADOdb Lite now supports a limited debugging ability through the debug flag ($db->debug = true ). When enabled all queries and the error result will be echoed on all query executions.

I have also added support for the following databases: ODBC (odbc) (experimental), Postgres 8 (postgres8), SQLite Pro (sqlitepo) and Sybase ASE (sybase_ase). The ODBC driver is highly experimental and probably has many flaws as I am not able to test it properly. I would appreciate any feedback on the ODBC driver. ... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-08-07

ADOdb Lite is faster than ADOdb!

Some people were wondering if ADOdb Lite was any faster than ADOdb since it is also smaller. I decided to use the same benchmark testing that was used for ADOdb on their site.

Benchmark Hardware:
P4 1.0Ghz
Fedora Core 3
Apache 2.0.54
PHP 4.3.11
MySQL 4.1.10

ADOdb 4.65
ADOdb Lite 0.11

The test used the settings detailed below on how to test yourself. The Accelerator test was performed using eAccelerator 0.9.3 with optimizations enabled.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-08-07

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.10

Session Database support has been added to ADOdb Lite. The package doesn't support encrypted or cob sessions at this time. The How to Install page details what is supposed by the new session handler. If you would like to see more detailed information about ADOdb Sessions you can visit the original ADOdb Session Documentation page.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-07-21

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.09

I have had a number of people ask for the inclusion of some of the PEAR compatible functions from ADOdb. I have added most of them and they haven't added too much of an increase to the package size. I am not supporting the PEAR error handler so you will receive only the normal responses. This shouldn't affect the majority of the scripts using those functions.

The added Database Functions are: Qmagic (not a PEAR compatible function but a small add), Quote, ErrorNative, Query, LimitQuery and Disconnect... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-07-18

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.08

One of the things I have always thought lacking in ADOdb was the ability to create your database. As it stands you must create the database using another method. Not every database will allow you to create a new database using a query. MiniSQL, SQLite and Sybase are some examples.

So I have added a switch to this version that will allow you to automatically create a database if it doesn't exist on all of the supported databases except for MiniSQL, SQLite and Sybase. I have added a new switch ($db->createdatabase = true ;) to enable this feature.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-07-15

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.07

This version of ADOdb Lite finally implements the extend for the ADOConnection class properly. The method I was using on earlier versions was a kludge to save memory. Creating the extend object after the main object wasvery bad programming and wouldn't allow for extending the drivers in different ways in the future. One of the things some people have been asking about is the ability to add session support as well as debugging options. Making this change will make adding those things easier.... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-26

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.06

ADOdb Lite Version 0.06 fixes a problem with the mysqli and
mysqlt driver using the wrong class extention name. The
mysqli driver now uses the mysqli command set in PHP. Plus
a few minor speed optimizations have been added.

A check was added to each driver to make sure PHP has
been compiled to use the selected database library. When
trying to connect to a database that hasn't been compiled into
PHP a false is returned. ... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-22

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.05

ADOdb Lite Version 0.04 fixes a number of bugs associated with the $db->GetCol($sql), $db->GetRow($sql), $db->IsConnected($sql) and $db->SelectDB($sql), functions. I would like to thank Emilis Dambauskas (lunaticlt) for pointing out this error.

This version increases the memory footprint of ADOdb Lite from approximately 70k to approximately 71k.

I have also included a test program called test_adodb_lite.php. You can use this to test your install of ADOdb Lite. It will test all of the functions/commands that are supported by the library. There are over 20 different tests that are performed.

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-21

ADOdb Lite updated to version 0.04

ADOdb Lite Version 0.04 removes unneeded code, adds support for SelectLimit to more of the database drivers and corrects a number of minor errors. Due to requests the following functions have been added.


I have also corrected the Affected_Rows function. I had it placed in the result set object by mistake instead of the database object. ... read more

Posted by Mark Dickenson 2005-06-18