Problems switching from AdoDb to AdoDB Lite

  • Timo Haberkern

    Timo Haberkern - 2005-11-14

    Hello all,

    i was using AdoDb for some projects here. Now i want to switch to AdoDbLite because of the performance improvement.
    But i have a problem using AdoDbLite with SQLite databases. I'm using the PearDB FetchRow command in all my scripts. Now i just deleted the old adodb folder and installed the adodblite script instead. I added the line $modules = "pear:extend" in the configuration file.

    The problem is that i didn't get any result from Execute Statements, i tried to set debug = true but it throws no error at all...

    Any ideas whats going wrong?

    I'm using AdoDbLite 1.0.4, PHP 5.0.1 on a Debian Linux


    • Mark Dickenson

      Mark Dickenson - 2005-11-14

      Hmm, sounds like you aren't connecting to the database.

      The ADOdb Lite driver needs a database name.

      Apparently with the regular ADOdb the host name is normally used as the database name and if the host is empty then the database name is used as the connection string.

      If this is what is causing the problem you can change the following line in the sqlite driver.

      $this->database = $database;

      to this line

      $this->database = ($database == "") ? $host : $database;

      I will be releasing an update sometime today that will have the change installed.  Go ahead and make the change on your server and let me know if that fixes your problem.

      Another thing you can do is to echo the error number and message right after you connect and before you execute your first query to see if there is an error while connecting.

      echo $db->errormsg();
      echo $db->errorno();

      $db is your object.

      • Timo Haberkern

        Timo Haberkern - 2005-11-15

        Yes that solves my problems. The new version works fine for me now. Thank you very much for helping!

        Keep up your good work.



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