My first ADOdb experiences

  • Vygi

    Vygi - 2005-06-19

    Hey Mark,

    first of all - thank you for ADOdb Lite!

    My web site ( ) uses PHPLIB at the moment but I was about to migrate to ADOdb because I use it in my other projects and I like ADOdb syntax.

    So I have tried to port some pages to ADOdb but then realized that the site becomes slower. Nothing really worse but nevertheless... The home page which actually displays some statictics needs with ADOdb up to 100% longer (50..80 ms) compared to the initial PHPLIB solution (25..40 ms).

    Fortunately, I've found ADOdb Lite few days ago ;-)
    The first impression is very positive: all works (thanks for the implementation of GetAll/GetPne/GetRow), and the site is much faster compared to the genuine ADOdb solution, and faster than with PHPLIB: 13..30 ms!

    To sum up: ADOdb Lite can be a really BIG advantage to the small sites!

    • Mark Dickenson

      Mark Dickenson - 2005-06-21

      Thanks. :D

      I am glad to hear things are working great for you.  I am sorry about the initial glitch with the GetRow and GetOne command.

      I hope this helps your site and again thanks for the compliment. :)


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