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  • UnderXP

    UnderXP - 2005-08-26

    Hello, I would like to add a simple driver for Firebird to ADOdb Lite, without Blobs and arrays support, is this posible? Or I must to wait for version x.xx ?

    • Mark Dickenson

      Mark Dickenson - 2005-08-26

      Sure it is possible. :)

      Basically every database that is supported by ADOdb could be supported by ADOdb Lite.  I have only included drivers for databases that have native commands built into PHP (IE: it was fairly easy to add them ;) ).

      If anyone would like to create a driver for any database for ADOdb Lite then I welcome them.  The more drivers the better and I don't have the be the one to create them. 

      The same thing goes for modules for adding extra features to ADOdb Lite.  I have two release areas called Modules and Database Drivers.  These are areas where user created modules and drivers will be made availible for downloading.  I hope to see programmers creating new files for these areas. :)

    • UnderXP

      UnderXP - 2005-08-27

      Do you have any driver template for begin?

    • Mark Dickenson

      Mark Dickenson - 2005-08-28

      Well, there really isn't a driver template as such.

      Every driver has the exact same functions but the code in each function is usually specific to the database.  Your best bet is to look at the mysql_driver.inc as that is the driver I started with and then modified for each database.

      The next version will have some new functions uncluded in all drivers.

    • UnderXP

      UnderXP - 2005-08-29

      Well, i will wait for the next version. I write the firebird driver with Adodblite 0.14 and actually i am testing it.

    • Mark Dickenson

      Mark Dickenson - 2005-08-30

      There have been quite a number of changes in the drivers and modules for the next version for support of a Data Dictionary.

      Make sure you check out the changes.  The next version should be out in the next couple of days as I am still testing the data dictionary code.


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