what happen with version 55k ?

  • UnderXP

    UnderXP - 2005-08-30

    quote: "I have just created another version for in house testing that uses only 55k on average. I have almost reduced the size by half. After some more testing I will post this new version for downloading possibly by next week." (akapanamajack)

    What happen with this version? I want to testing !!!!

    • UnderXP

      UnderXP - 2005-08-30

      by the way, I have a big question (at least for me): How do you testing memory usage in your scripts ? I have not idea :-(

    • Mark Dickenson

      Mark Dickenson - 2005-08-30

      That was version 0.02 and it came in at a total of 59k when it was released.

      The library will probably never be that small again but remember I have said that 100k is the upper limit I set for the main library and so far I have kept that promise. :)

      If can go higher if you start adding modules and the modules add in extra features.  These are things that most applications normally do not use.

      The method I use for testing is eAccelerator.  This will tell me the amount of memory the compiled files use.  The memory usage testing is on PHP 4.x.x.

      The next version I will be releasing either today or tomorrow is still under the 100k limit but adds in a ton of new features like support for the ADOdb Data Dictionary and XML Schemas.

      You can even have modules automatically load using a config file to maintain 100% compatability with applications that use ADOdb.

    • Vygi

      Vygi - 2005-10-13

      Hi there,
      is there a simple way to "castrate" Data Dictionary and XML Schemas out (or move them to a module) as I don't need them?

    • Mark Dickenson

      Mark Dickenson - 2005-10-13

      The data dictionary is a module.  Nothing from the data dictionary or xml schema is ever loaded by ADOdb Lite.  They are completely seperate programs unlike ADOdb which includes alot of code to support the data dictionary.

      So when you are using ADOdb Lite absolutely no code for the data dictionary is ever loaded except for one tiny function.


      This is just a tiny function that loads the datadictionary code, the data dictionary module for the database being used and creates the data dictionary class.  14 lines of code.  And remember nothing from the data dictionary or xml schema is ever loaded unless you call this 14 line piece of code.


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