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Discontinued for unknown time

The project goes to sleep until there is more time to continue it, or someone really interested in assisting with porting the stuff and writing front-ends. A bit sad, because the core now works. I leave the project there, perhaps it is helpful to browse the source for other people that want to do similar things.

Posted by Ch F 2006-08-06

Still there

We are still alive, the website is working again now and we are still developing and planning new features. As we are spare-time developers we can't give any 100% certain release dates, sorry ...

Posted by Ch F 2003-10-31

Alpha state of Linux Server

The Linux server for Admixor is now in "alpha" as it has a stable process-handling, database and protocol.
Next we will work on is encryption and more features like scripts for remote management.

Posted by Ch F 2003-09-04


Now the Admixor Protocol is nearly complete and the alpha-linux-server has functions to process/answer the basic requests:
Requesting a value in the database
Set a value in the database
Request the communication partner to cancel the connection
Request the partner to perform an action

Login-functionality is also there and all is downloadable in source from the cvs.
There is also a detailed description, constantly growing with the functionality of all the server can do.

Posted by Ch F 2003-08-26

Pre-Alpha and protocol

Now building basic alpha versions that are all subject to review and workover.
Protocol design is nearing "half-completion"

Posted by Ch F 2003-08-14

Webteam Full

To all the people that want to take part in designing webpages for Admixor from now on: no chance!
Thanks for your interest, we now have all positions in webdesign filled!

Posted by Ch F 2003-08-11


To all developers and friends, submit ideas to Forum or cvs (subdirectory linux-server)

Posted by Ch F 2003-07-31