Adminer 4.1.0 released

Provide size of all databases in the overview
Prevent against brute force login attempts from the same IP address
Compute number of tables in the overview explicitly
Display edit form after error in clone or multi-edit
Trim trailing non-breaking spaces in SQL textarea
Display time of the select command
Print elapsed time in HTML instead of SQL command comment
Improve gzip export ratio (bug #387)
Use rel="noreferrer" for external links, skip redirect in WebKit
MySQL: Fix enum types in routines (bug #391)
MySQL: Fix editing rows by binary values, bug since Adminer 3.7.1
MySQL: Respect daylight saving time in dump, bug since Adminer 3.6.4
MySQL 5.6.5+: Support ON UPDATE on datatime column
SQLite: Support UPDATE OF triggers
SQLite: Display auto-created unique indexes, bug since Adminer 3.5.0
Editor: Fix login() method, bug since Adminer 4.0.0
Translate numbers in ar, bn, fa
Vietnamese translation

Posted by Jakub Vrána 2014-04-18

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