Adminer 4.0.0 released

Adminer 4.0.0 (released 2014-01-08):
Driver for SimpleDB, MongoDB and Elasticsearch
Highlight SQL in textareas
Save and continue edit by AJAX
Split SQL command and import
Add a new column in alter table on key press
Mark length as required for strings
Add label to database selection, move logout button
Add button for dropping an index
Display number of selected rows
Add links to documentation
Disable underlining links
Differentiate views in navigation
Improve speed of CSV import
Keep form values after refresh in Firefox
Mark auto_increment fields in edit
Don't append newlines to uploaded files, bug since Adminer 3.7.0
Don't display SQL edit form on Ctrl+click on the select query, introduced in Adminer 3.6.4
Use MD5 for editing long keys only in supported drivers, bug since Adminer 3.6.4
Don't reset column when searching for an empty value with Enter, bug since Adminer 3.6.4
Encrypt passwords stored in session by a key stored in cookie
Don't execute external JavaScript when verifying version
Include JUSH in the compiled version
Protect CSRF token against BREACH
Non-MySQL: View triggers
SQLite: Allow editing primary key
SQLite: Allow editing foreign keys
PostgreSQL: Fix handling of nextval() default values
PostgreSQL: Support creating array columns
Customization: Provide schemas()
Portugal Portuguese translation
Thai translation

Posted by Jakub Vrána 2014-01-08

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