Adminer 3.0.0 released

Main changes in database management tool Adminer 3.0.0 are:

Drivers for MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle
Allow concurrent logins on the same server
Allow permanent login without customization
In-place editation in select
Foreign key options in Table creation
Treat binary type as hex
Show number of tables in server overview
Operator LIKE %%
Remember export parameters in cookie
Allow semicolon as CSV separator
Schemas, sequences and types support (PostgreSQL)
Autofocus username in login form
Allow to insert Tab in SQL textareas and send the form by Ctrl+Enter
Disable spellchecking in SQL textareas
Display auto_increment value of inserted item
Allow disabling auto_increment value export
Prefill auto_increment column name
Ability to jump to any page in select by JavaScript
Display comment in table overview
Link last page above data in select
Link table names in SQL queries
Hungarian, Japanese and Tamil translation
Defer table information in database overview to JavaScript (performance)
Big tables optimizations (performance)

Posted by Jakub Vrána 2013-06-06

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