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@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
 Double click in select - Esc to abort editation
 Draggable columns in alter table (thanks to Michal Manak)
 <option class> for system databases and schemas - information_schema and driver-specific (thanks to Vaclav Novotny)
+Define indexes and foreign keys name - http://forum.zdrojak.root.cz/index.php?topic=185.msg1255#msg1255
 ? Filter by value in row under <thead> in select
 ? Column and table names auto-completition in SQL textarea - http://blog.quplo.com/2010/06/css-code-completion-in-your-browser/
 ? Aliasing of built-in functions can save 7 KB, function minification can save 7 KB, substitution of repetitive $a["a"] can save 4 KB, substitution of $_GET and friends can save 2 KB, aliasing of $connection->query can save 24 B, JS Closure compiler can save 2 KB, not enclosing HTML attribute values can save 1.2 KB, replacing \\n by \n can save .3 KB