Looking for a way to make a plugin to display phpinfo()

  • NewEraCracker

    NewEraCracker - 2013-10-21


    I am looking for a way to make a plugin to display phpinfo() output in
    Adminer when user is authenticated.

    Currently I have done the following code and I need help improving it as I
    need to hook the output in a better way.

    Show phpinfo();

    Thanks in advance.

  • NewEraCracker

    NewEraCracker - 2013-10-22

    It seems sourceforge parser screwed with the code I posted.

    class AdminerPhpInfo {
        function login($login, $password) {
                unset($_COOKIE, $_REQUEST, $GLOBALS['PHP_AUTH_PW'], $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']); /* Avoid exposing too much information */
        function navigation($unused='') {
            if($_GET['server'] && $_GET['username'])
                <a href="?server=<?php echo urlencode($_GET['server']); ?>&amp;username=<?php echo urlencode($_GET['username']); ?>&amp;phpinfo=1" target="_blank">Show phpinfo();</a> <?php

    This is the code I have made at the moment.

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2013-10-25

    This looks fine to me. Maybe you can position it with CSS?


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