tiny mce / wysiwyg editor for textarea

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I was curious if whether or not you can add custom javascript in order to pull in a wysiwyg editor like fckeditor or tiny mce

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-02-08

    You can create a customization for this, use method editInput. I've already created some basic customizations and will publish them soon at Adminer homepage.

  • Kelly

    Kelly - 2012-06-07

    I haven't been able to get either tinymce or wymeditor plugins to work. I've placed these plugins under the plugins subdirectory and I've tried putting the javascripts of these two programs under the DocumentRoot as well as the plugins subdirectory but whenever I tried to edit a field with the _html suffix I just get the normal textarea edit as oppose to a wysiwyg. Can you shed some light?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    None of these plugins contain the required 3rd party libraries!  You MUST download and install them for it to work.  e.g., the tinymce plugin needs/expects the tinymce package/library to be found in the 'tiny_mce' folder in the adminer folder.  The edit_calendar and wymeditor are looking for jquery, the appropriate plugin, & jqueryui, etc…


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