Andy Lavarre - 2014-06-16

Very cool program, thanks. Already MUCH better than phpMyAdmin for me.

How can I refer to a record in another table?

For example, an item ("Maintenance") is a subcategory of "Boat", where "Maintenance" is one record from the table "Categories_2" and "Boat" is a record in table "Categories_1".

In MSACCESS and LOBase I seem to recall that within one table I can refer to a field in another table: the reference in the first table is the index of the row I refer to from the other table. The parent table was assigned during the table creation, then thereafter
there was a dropdown list in the cell for the referring field.

I tried creating a foreign key pointing to "Categories_1" and a field called "Parent_1" in table "Categories_2" of type "Foreign keys: Category_1" but that creates a duplicate foreign key and then the field reverts to type INT(11)

I'll be delighted to study a source in detail, but need to find such a source.

Thanks again, excellent program.

Best regards, Andy