Problem with mediumtext field

  • James Butler

    James Butler - 2013-07-25

    I am having a problem seeing records in one of my database tables that has a mediumtext field. The field has a lot of data in it and adminer 3.7.1 is not displaying those records in the gui.
    Is there a setting in php that I need to adjust to make those records show?
    I am using mysql 5.5.13 and php 5.3.16, apache 2.2.17 on RHEL 6
    Your help is appreciated.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-07-28

    It's not clear [to me, at least] what exactly the problem seems to be?

    I added a mediumtext field to a test table, and pasted some constitution text into this field twelve times, and that column appears with ellipsis at the end. ['...', which implies more], and the image is shown below with red markers: (use the view image option of the browser to see the entire image)

    alternate text

    So, we probably need more info about the problem that you see.

    Last edit: Paul 2013-07-28
  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2013-12-21

    Please check the MySQL variable max_allowed_packet. It should be big enough to fit all your data.


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