Very long bytea fields

  • nafex

    nafex - 2013-09-06

    Is it possible to limit the showing text length from bytea fields? I have some images base64 encoded in my PostgreSQL database and they are shown in one big line...

    Thank you very much

  • nafex

    nafex - 2013-09-06

    here an image how it looks

    • Jan78

      Jan78 - 2013-09-10

      I have a similar problem with a longblob column. i.e. table with the following fields:

      attachment_id bigint(20) unsigned Auto Increment
      name varchar(255)
      filename varchar(255)
      comment varchar(255)
      group_name varchar(255)
      group_id int(10) unsigned
      content_type varchar(32) NULL
      data longblob NULL

      I inserted several files(attachments) in to the attachment table, but
      I cannot list rows from the table. I'm able to see only the first row
      (up to data column..., which is empty)

      The adminer generates the following html code:

      onclick="selectClick(this, event, 0);">3application/pdf

      It seems that Adminer has a serious problem with displaying a long data rows. Usually
      the 'data' field contains 2-10MB of raw data.

      Do you know how to solve it? PHPMysqlAdmin displays several chars from each file,
      and continues on the next row...


      • nafex

        nafex - 2013-09-11

        no, I don't know how to solve it. I think the only way is that Jakub Vrána changes the code...


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