• fbachofner

    fbachofner - 2013-04-29

    Any chance you might be able to add support for Firebird in an upcoming version?

    Firebird is a super-elegant DB server running on multiple platforms with virtually no resource demands and a fairly pure implementation in its SQL dialect.  It has been around for more than 30 years (previously named InterBase before it was forked when open sourced).  History here:

    More info at

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2013-04-29

    I am not going to implement it by myself but I would accept a good implementation from someone else. The instructions for improving a driver are at

  • mindfav

    mindfav - 2014-08-09

    I have developed and published a firebird driver for adminer.
    You can find the files and all installation and usage instructions here:

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2014-09-15

    Thanks, this is now included in Adminer.

    • fbachofner

      fbachofner - 2015-03-09

      This is great news.

      When do you start publishing that Adminer supports Firebird on the Adminer website? Is it stable enough yet? -- Unfortunately I'm a couple months from having free time to try this . . .

      • Jakub Vrána

        Jakub Vrána - 2015-03-09


        • fbachofner

          fbachofner - 2015-03-14

          Superb. I'll give it a try soon!

  • Jochen Wendebaum

    I am trying the module, but run into problems when trying to connect to the database.
    What am I supposed to put into the fields Server and Database?
    I would like to connect locally, so leaving Server empty should do the trick
    In database, should I supply the full path to the fdb-file (like e.g. /opt/Firebird/scs4/scs4.fdb)?

    Anything I put there gives me "unavailable database" as error.

    (I'm running apache2, php5 with interbase-plugin and firebird 2.5 on a raspberry with raspbian).

    as usually, as soon as you post something, you get a new idea and this solves the problem.
    So anyone using this and having the same problem, the above given link gives all the information you need....

    Last edit: Jochen Wendebaum 2015-09-24

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