Yoji - 2014-01-13

Having a bit(9) field:
- inserting 100100100 results in 511 (9-bit integer overflow, 100100100 is treated as decimal)
- inserting 292 results in the correct, 100100100 binary format
- trying to insert the correct value of b'100100100' fails due to the limited textfield limit of 9, allowing to enter only b'1001001

To reproduce the bug:
- create a table having a field aaa of bit(9)
- try to insert a new value by clicking (+) New item
- edit/insert the value 1001; This will result in 511
- edit/insert the value b'1001'; This will result in 9

The solution would be removing the limit of the textfield or increasing the limit value by 3 to allow the extra b'' characters.