#239 Ajax & Google Chrome 19 - double loading?

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Hello, I noticed some problems with Adminer instantly after Google Chrome update (ver. 19.0.1) . First of all - password auto-filling on login page is not working anymore, or - is working sometimes. When reloaded, I see my credentials "flashes" in field and they are gone, and login form is empty. There is always loading effect in the top right corner. Disabling JS solves this - my crendetials are corretly autofilled. Firefox has no problems, but (my) Chrome has.

And the second problem is even worse - when I run any SQL query, I only see the red/green message and results for a fraction of a second and they are gone too. Like if the page was loaded twice, secondly without any POST/GET from the query form. There is loader effect again, and if I can tell, messages and result disappear after its appearance.

I am not sure if it is global problem, or my browser profile is messed up, but other sites work fine.


  • Anonymous - 2012-04-26

    I've noticed this too. It was happening in Canary (v20, and still is), and I was sort of hoping it wouldn't make it to stable.

    A similar error is happening on another site I go on, so maybe Chrome changed something?

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2012-05-13

    I've removed the AJAX loading in Adminer 3.4.0 (unpublished yet). Can you please try the development version to confirm that it is gone? https://github.com/vrana/adminer/zipball/master

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2012-05-13
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
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    Anonymous - 2012-05-17

    Even after Jacub's fix on github some issues with Chrome 19 still exist: the content div is not properly aligned and "travels right".
    My version is 19.0.1084.46 on Mac OS X.

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  • Ivan

    Ivan - 2012-06-04

    Yes, this problem is not present in current dev version

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    Anonymous - 2012-06-29

    I have the same problems, is there a solution?


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