#187 Submitting changes silently fails, no error msg.

SQLite (27)

I was testing Adminer 3.3.3 on an SQLite db (using SQLite 2, since SQLite 3 doesn't work on my host) & the changes seemed to not be saving, but there was no error msg...just a red non-expanded "SQL command" box. Yes, the red color might mean it "failed", but there's no error msg telling me if failed or succeeded...I just click "select" again, to find the changes not saved.

If I click "SQL command" to expand the red box area, then click "Edit", then click "Execute"...it will give me a green box that says "Query executed OK, 0 rows affected."...& the changes still weren't saved.

I already fixed the problem by giving full write access to everyone (a+rwx) on the parent folder that the db file is in...but better error checking/reporting when Adminer can't update the DB would be nice. It should just tell me "Updating the DB failed, add write permissions on the parent dir: <parent-dir>" or "Updating the DB failed, add write permissions on the db file: <db-file>"...depending on which write access is not letting it work.

Also, when I changed the write permissions (by guessing the problem) & it would let me save changes, it would give me a green box & say "0 items have been affected."...why 0 when it really updated 1 item?


  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-08-29

    This error ("attempt to write a readonly database") should be reported directly by SQLite. For some reason, it isn't. Please report a bug to SQLite PHP extension developers.

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-08-29
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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