#124 editor to limit to updates only - no insert or import

brad hanson

I am very new to this but have been going through the list of extensions one by one. So far I haven't seen a way to limit the functions offered by the editor. I would like to allow the editing of records that exist (and already am limiting using the selectSearchProcess function).

In particular, how to eliminate the 'New Item' option on the top to insert a record, and second how to remove the "Import" at the bottom. I don't see a function similar to the selectActionPrint function.

Not sure this is the appropriate place to post this, if if wrong, I apologize. Appreciate the work in this as it has so much flexibility and potential.


  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-02-28

    "New item" link can be hidden by selectLinks() method. There's currently no way to hide the Import fieldset, I will create selectImportPrint() and selectImportProcess() for it.

  • brad hanson

    brad hanson - 2011-02-28

    thanks, the selectLinks() method worked. I didn't see that listed on the Adminer - Extensions list. But that list had links to another page which i did scroll down and find the function.

    this partially takes care of it, however the "Edit" box has a function to "Clone" and "Delete" and I don't see something like a selectEditPrint().

    again appreciate your help. perhaps I'm trying to limit it more than I should, but see many applications where I can provide this to customers so they can maintain (and export) records that are already present.

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-05-24
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-05-24

    I've added methods selectCommandPrint and selectImportPrint. You should know that these methods are used only to customize the user interface (e.g. to hide it), not to disable the features - it has security implications (the user still can perform the operations if he knows what to do). I am currently not going to implement the complete disable.

  • Jakub Vrána

    Jakub Vrána - 2011-05-24

    Thank you for the report, I've fixed it in Git.


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