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587 Form Validation for Custom Fields in Profile Module Someday open profile  
580 Assigning a mailadress to a role Someday open roles  
579 Add Datatype "encrypted" Someday open profile  
578 profile field to add document Someday open profile  
577 Anbindung an xenforo Someday open forum  
576 bump up required MySQL version Someday open system  
563 make field "Bundesland"/province depending on field Country Someday open profile  
548 Add optional backup with mysqldumper to our script Someday open backup  
538 Show count of new items of every module in overview Someday open system  
534 Option to disable the former membership assignment for a role Someday open roles  
532 Hinzufügen eines Text-Filters für Termine Someday open Erich R. Iseli events  
527 Implement adm_folders and adm_files tables into photo module Someday open Hendrik Muhs photos  
507 Implement role system to announcements Someday open announcements  
506 expiration date for announcements Someday open announcements  
499 Downlaodmodul should handle multiple organizations in 1 installation Someday open downloads  
498 Split download authorization in admin right and upload right Someday open downloads  
496 integrate icalcreator Someday open Jochen events  
494 Implement role system and rights in profile categories Someday open profile  
481 Send emails from a filtered role list Someday open Stefan lists  
480 New flag in profile fields which should release a field for registration Someday open registration  
473 Expand menu class to add easier modules to the menu Someday open Erich R. Iseli system  
470 Allow user to mark import fields to identify a unique user Someday open user_management  
461 Separate registration in login form and profile fields form Someday open Markus Fassbender registration  
455 Rekursive Rollenzuordnung Someday open roles  
454 Import: vorhandene Mitglieder über ID oder Geburtstag finden Someday open user_management  
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