Solution connecting to OpenLDAP directly

  • matthieu bretaudeau

    I changed the code of the adLDAP.php file to connect to an OpenLDAP directly. Here is the changed I did for anyone who wants to do the same thing.


    // Different type of accounts in AD
    define ('ADLDAP_NORMAL_ACCOUNT', 805306368);
    define ('ADLDAP_WORKSTATION_TRUST', 805306369);
    define ('ADLDAP_INTERDOMAIN_TRUST', 805306370);
    define ('ADLDAP_SECURITY_GLOBAL_GROUP', 268435456);
    define ('ADLDAP_DISTRIBUTION_GROUP', 268435457);
    define ('ADLDAP_SECURITY_LOCAL_GROUP', 536870912);
    define ('ADLDAP_DISTRIBUTION_LOCAL_GROUP', 536870913);

    class openLDAP {

    // this is basically the userBaseDn
           var $_account_suffix="ou=people,dc=sales,dc=com";
           var $_base_dn = "DC=sales,DC=com";

           // An array of ldap server URIs. Specify multiple controllers if you
           var $_domain_controllers = array ("ldap://");

           var $_real_primarygroup=false;

           var $_recursive_groups=false;

    //other variables
            var $_user_dn;
            var $_user_pass;
            var $_conn;
            var $_bind;

    // default constructor
            function openLDAP(){
                    //connect to the LDAP server as the username/password
                    $this->_conn = ldap_connect($this->random_controller());
                    ldap_set_option($this->_conn, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3);
                    ldap_set_option($this->_conn, LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS, 0); //disable plain text passwords
                    return true;

            // default destructor
            function __destruct(){ ldap_close ($this->_conn); }

            function random_controller(){
                    //select a random domain controller
                    mt_srand(doubleval(microtime()) * 100000000);
                    return ($this->_domain_controllers);

            // authenticate($username,$password)
            //      Authenticate to the directory with a specific username and password
            //      Extremely useful for validating login credentials
            function authenticate($username,$password){
                    //validate a users login credentials

                    if ($username!=NULL && $password!=NULL){ //prevent null bind

                            $this->_bind = @ldap_bind($this->_conn,$this->_user_dn,$this->_user_pass);
                            if ($this->_bind){ $returnval=true; }
                    return ($returnval);

    I didn't change the end of the file.

  • Gerald Schneider

    This doesn't even come close. To use group and user related functions massive changes are required.


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