Bonneau Pierre - 2012-10-26


In my company, we have a very large system and thausends of users.
Because we are in differents countries, we have differents AD, one for each country usually, and link of approbation beetween them.

We also have a Common active directory, that contain a copy of each user, but empty(no password, name, and so on).
In my php project, I need to connect on this system, to check the login and password that the user provide me to authenticate.
I can interrogate my server on port 389 and 3268.

I have 2 server :
A common one "Common server", with approbation to the second one "server 2".
I have a login 1 on server common, and a login 2 on server 2.

If I interrogate the server common for login 1, no problem.
If I interrogate the server 2 for login 2, no problem.

But now, If I want to check login 2 on server common, it doesn't work. (port 3268)

How should I do that ?