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Version 2.2.1




- [chg] minor corrections for Python 2.6 support

Posted by Nonos 2009-04-24


Version 2.2.0


- [new] there is now a debian package (.deb)
- [new] there is now a setup tool (python install)
- [chg] your project configuration file can be saved as '.adg' or '.xml' file (default is .adg)
- [chg] browser tags in the file `adgen.conf` was removed (in place the python module webbrowser is used)
- [chg] replaced all `print` call with the function `msg` from '' (older '')... read more

Posted by Nonos 2009-03-17


Version 2.1.1


- [new] generate selected file if no element are checked in the treeview
- [bug] start crash if `.adgen` folder don't exist
- [bug] start crash if some configurations keys aren't defined
- [bug] problem to open about dialog if there is no browser defined
- [bug] expand treeview crash if no element is selected

Posted by Nonos 2008-01-25

ADGen 2.1.0

- A graphic user interface to manage your site as been added
Normaly, there is no change in the command usage ;)

- There is now two ways to launch ADGen:
* to use the command line
* to launch the graphical version

- In order to use the graphical version, you need to have at least PyGtk 2.0
Instructions to install PyGtk on Windows can be found in the PyGtk official website ( read more

Posted by Nonos 2007-12-28

ADGen 2.0.1

- Fixed -N option don't work
- Added check Python version

Posted by Nonos 2007-07-03

ADGen 2.0.0


In this release, the configuration file was splitted in 3 distinct files:

- `adgen.conf` is the 'ADGen' global configuration file (in your `$HOME/.adgen` folder)
- `ftp.conf` is the configuration file for ftp access (in your `$HOME/.adgen` folder)
- `adgen.xml` for the project configuration (in the 'ADGen' launch folder). This
file can always be defined at launch with the command line `-c`.... read more

Posted by Nonos 2007-05-06

ADGen 1.2.2

Corrected some bugs discovered by Minto:

- Error if launched without arguments

- Missing import in

Posted by Nonos 2007-03-25

ADGen 1.2.1

- Correction bug during folder creation

- Added multiple files support with '-f' option (use comma ',' to separate files)

Posted by Nonos 2007-03-24

ADGen 1.2.0

- Add Ftp support

- Add I18N

- Xml parser fully rewritted

Posted by Nonos 2007-03-18

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