ADG canvas 0.7.1 released

ADG is a GObject-based library that provides a non-interactive cairo canvas specifically designed for generating technical drawings. More details can be found on the ADG home page.

Out of the box support for LGI (dynamic Lua bindings based on GObject introspection) is now provided upstream and effectively used for testing APIs. The introspection support has been improved, some APIs (AdgPoint related methods above all) have been protected against NULL and some bugs raised by the bindings work have been corrected.

The GBoxed wrappers for cairo structs such as cairo_matrix_t have been dropped in favor of the native support provided by the cairo-gobject library.

GObject wrappers for CPML structs such as pairs, primitives and segments has been moved to CPML itself. This makes redundant the presence of wrappers on the ADG side, simplyfing the work for the language bindings.

Posted by Nicola Fontana 2013-03-14

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