ADG canvas 0.5.4 released

ADG is a GObject-based library that provides a non-interactive cairo canvas specifically designed for generating technical drawings. This is the first release driven by the development tracker:

and it will probably be the last one of the 0.5 branch. A lot of new features have been implemented, the most notable ones follow.

AdgTable now provides a generic tabular entity customizable with
AdgTableStyle. It supports unlimited rows with independent cells.

Some new special entities, such as AdgLogo (the official ADG logo)
and AdgProjection (showing the drawing projection scheme) have
been implemented.

A bare title block entity, AdgTitleBlock, is now available: it is
allowed to set its cells content either by using string values or
custom entities.

AdgAlignment is a new container entity that allows to traslate its
children of a custom factor of the children boundary box: any
entity can now be right aligned or centered.

Posted by Nicola Fontana 2009-11-22