#89 How to allocate credit memo to a invoice

Noufal K


I would like to know how to allocate credit memo to an invoice, Please see below scenario.

1. I Have made AR Invoice for Rs: 1000.
2. Made a payment (AR Receipt) Rs: 1000 and allocated this payment to invoice.
3. customer has return some material, so i did a AR Credit Memo of Rs: 500. then the customer open balance is coming correct -500.
4. I did one more AR Invoice Rs: 250 to the same customer , The customer open balance shows -250.

But if see open invoices it shows both credit memo and last AR invoice, how should i allocate this?

Noufal K.


  • Suman

    Suman - 2011-04-29

    Anyone has got chance to look into this problem. Please let us if you design in your mind to fix this problem. I am working on this, I will share my design as well when I am ready with my design.


  • Mike Mckay

    Mike Mckay - 2011-04-29

    Open the window Payment Allocation and select the invoice and the credit memo, then click process. The allocation will apply the outstanding credit to the outstanding balance.

    If you are not sure if the problem is bug, its best to ask a question like this in the forums first.


  • Leandro

    Leandro - 2016-11-16

    if I correctly understood Mike's suggestion it is useful in case your invoice is still to be paid. But how can we link a credit memo related to an invoice that has been completely paid?


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