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I\'m faced with the challenge to customize/create a window that will manage the forecourt(petrol station).This is the requirement from the client; Client wants to be able to manage the sales per pump,sales per attendant, capture pump readings for every shift i.e. day and night shift and out of this be able to know the available stock for petrol,diesel and kerosene,and capture sales per the the products. A Fuel/Forecourt management System can do this with ease but I believe without the option of monitoring the tanks adempiere can handle from the forecourt level. How do I implement this in adempiere, I\'m working on a demo for a petrol station company.

Below is a sample Forecourt management system overview:

Forecourt Management

The Forecourt Manager application provides complete wetstock management at a site
level. All the management functions are accessed via a selection of tabs.

Management functionality includes:

· Grade pricing

· Dispenser operation mode control

· Allocation limits

· Dispenser totals management

· Tank inventory management,

· Cashier/Attendant management

· Reporting

Reporting Facilities

An integral part of FOCUS is the very comprehensive,
yet flexible, reporting facilities which the system provides.

Wetstock reports include:

· Dispenser hose sales totals by shift, day, or month
· Grade sales totals by shift, day, or month
· Attendant sales totals by shift, day, or month
· Dispenser/Console reconciliation totals by shift, day,
or month
· Historical tank reconciliation
· Historical tank deliveries and dispenser calibration tests
· Historical price changes
· Running hose totals, including dispenser electronic totals
if available
· Running grade totals
· Running Driveway Card Acceptor dispenser totals
· Tank inventory, including water and temperature
· Fuel transaction report

I hope that gives you,community, an idea. Any help is appreciated.


  • Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos Ruiz - 2010-06-14
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  • Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos Ruiz - 2010-06-14

    I would recommend you to ask this in forums.

    But, because of the size, perhaps is better to hire a consultant/developer to work with you on this.


    Carlos Ruiz

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