My visit to Cebu

  • Redhuan D. Oon
    Redhuan D. Oon

    I just returned from Cebu and to a lot of local activity. SO i will update here later on the interesting meetings and tots as well as nice friends i met on the planes and on the ground.

    Remind me to tell you how worried i should be when addressing the packed dinner hall of relevant parties right up to the government of the president officials who were there listening and have been exchanging views with me. But the host was most efficient and effective in removing my ice. I learnt alot of how different they are in running their place. I hope i departed enough singing lessons back.

    For now i thank everyone there at SIMON, CEDFIT, and especially those new girlfriends and guys that have sworned to be loyal to the bazaar spirit. I really look forward to them contributing early and always. Filipinos are famous in the service sector. Their filipino maids are in high demand around the world. SO are their developers. There are about 7,000 of them employed in Singapore. They need 25,000 more every year in Filipinas. Cebu City is the 4th listed as emerging BPO cities in the world beating Hyderabad and Kuala Lumpur.

    But most most most important that i cannot forget is the warm feel of their interest, laughter and support for our bazaar. May they plant their flags high on the mountain.


    • luiggi

      you know how much we were honored to be shared by a worldclass expert like you red1..
      we will always support the ADempiere Bazaar..


    • Redhuan D. Oon
      Redhuan D. Oon

      My apology for taking 2 long days to recover from Cebu :P
      This morning i m a bit fresh!
      I have presented the idea of Philippines ADempiere Intitiative to the govt via its CICT (Commission on ICT) under the Office of the President of the Philippines. Under this idea, we intend to spur interested filipinos to join our project as contributors with their own IP for the Open Source world.
      Their CEDFIT orgs are thinking of creating bridging courses for both developers and end-users starting next February culminating in a big event around June.
      I told them that they need to look at the ADempiere Bazaar as public world property that they can partake and take equal responsiblity in. There are ample high demand worldwide for their talent which are already proficient in the English language. They also have high local domestic demand for ERP solutions.
      While I and Lee Chong of VisualApps, Singapore was there, we got to meet few ongoing prospects such as from the Health, Broadband Provider and HardwareTrading industries. Lee got to dispense his experience on implementation methodology which the ERP practitioners find invaluable in ensuring success of adopting the app.
      All this indicators point to a vibrant breeding ground for ADempiere.
      I kept appealing to our audiences to always, "Release Early, Update Often".

      On the way back from Cebu to Manila, i had the chance to be seated next to an expatriate who has experience in SAP/Basis and handles a huge global client at the moment. We went around Manila for a few hours in a taxi sharing alot of queer moments as it was both of us first time encountering Manila. Many photos are taken throughout so i hope they send me their captures for posting soon.

      Shall udpate again later!


    • LEEC

      Apologies for being MIA. Have been very busy recuperating from the busy schedule in Cebu, fasting a few days after all the good food fed to Red1 and me and catching up on business when I got back to Singapore.  Presently I am in Penang Malaysia.

      It was a pleasure meeting all the participants during my 3 day Cebu visit and have learned a lot thru our sharing of ideas.  Hope you have learned from us as well.  This is on top of the BAD UNTASTEFUL JOKES delivered during our stay.

      I hope to colloborate with SIMON soonest where there is an exchange of ideas and business.

      Also hope to visit Cebu soonest and to share with you my real passion ie. ERP Manufacturing with you where we can again discuss cavities, virgin material, shots, hoppers, runners...

      Best Regards and Happy Holidays

      Lee Chong