'Period Closed' error with Process Payroll.

S Ferguson
  • S Ferguson

    S Ferguson - 2010-03-22


    I am trying to get Payroll working and perform a Process Payroll.  I am using minimally configured Adempiere, built from the latest trunk source.  I have been through configuration examples for Payroll that are available on the wiki.

    However, every time I try to "Prepare" or "Complete" a document in Process Payroll, I am always getting an error like:

    Period Closed Date=2010-03-31 00:00:00.0, Document BaseType=Payroll

    I have checked and rechecked my periods and the document type Payroll in the "Calendar Year and Period" transaction.  I have tried it with Payroll Periods defined in "Payroll Definition" and without.  The only difference is that when I select a payroll period in "Process Payroll", the Period Closed Date is the last day of the period (last day of the month).  When I do not select or use a payroll period, the date displayed in the Period Closed Date is the Account Date from "Process Payroll".

    I was hoping someone could offer some guidance with this.  Am I missing something ?  Do I need to configure a different part of Adempiere for this to function ?  How do I get more information about the error ?  Is there some other documentation online I should go through ?

    Thank you in advance,



    ADAXA - 2010-03-22

    Hi Stu
    Never looked at the module you mention but I remember being caught in the past by a "period closed" message that was misleading… in that case it was because no period control record existed for the type of document and it had nothing to do with the period itself being closed.  may be worth checking.

  • S Ferguson

    S Ferguson - 2010-03-23

    Hi adaxa,

    Thanks for the tip. 

    I have checked, and then had a go at recreating the periods (both financial and payroll), this time creating periods for my Organisation, not just for "*", but the problem remains. 

    Will keep trying.  Might see if I can replicate the problem in GardenWorld to determine if its my Client configuration causing the problem.




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