Limiting Payroll Movement Records

  • Toplin

    Toplin - 2010-10-04

    Hi all,

    Am relatively new to Adempiere payroll. Would like to limit the number of records logged in hr_movements. There are some records created on concepts which are only referred to and whose value is only of significance to other concept(s). At present all the concepts make an entry in hr_movement as long as they return a value > 0.

    What I have in mind is to create a movement checkbox under the concept definition (just like employee, printed, registered e.t.c) which will be used to determine whether o not to print a concept even when it returns a value.

    Is this advisable?



  • Luis F. Castilla

    Hi Toplin

    I think you can use the accountSign field in order to dont make an entry in hr_movement. If you use accountSign = 'N' the concept would be used only as referred to.

    Maybe i'm wrong, because i never had prove it. I only i have reviewed some code in LiberoHR…


  • Toplin

    Toplin - 2010-10-05

    Hi luisfcastilla,

    Thank you for the reply. Was just going through the LiberoHR documentation ( and there used to be a "Write Movement" checkbox now no longer available in AD3.6

    Could it be that it was replaced by Read/Write checkbox just as the "Incidence" was replaced by the "Registered" checkbox? Am not yet sure of what that Read/Write checkbox does.


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