Payroll Payment and Invoice processing

  • sarafudheen MT

    sarafudheen MT - 2011-10-11

    Hi Team,

    I am working on HR Module of Adempiere360LTS and windows like  _Payroll Payment Selection , Create Invoice AxP _are not available in this version.

    I remember Victor had completed these functionalities as per discussion here

    I have have created records upto "Payment Movement" table. But after this process, I need now to process the accounts and payment records directly from Payment Movement records.

    Hope our Adempere gurus will comments on this : Carlos / Red1/ Victor!!

  • sarafudheen MT

    sarafudheen MT - 2011-10-13

    I hope Victor will break silence.

    I have already scanned the windows, tables, forms and all related application dictionary components. I have also scanned the source code. From the documents that i purchased on Libero module, i found that there are two windows for Payment and Invoice processing. But I didn't see these two windows included in the actual product!. May be this is a latest development from Victor and his team, and didn't get a chance to include in the builds. But I need to get a confirmation to decide whether to drop using this Libero HR module or start using some other HR implementations. (Personally I have already spend some effort and resources on this and would like to solve with in Libero module)

  • sarafudheen MT

    sarafudheen MT - 2011-10-19

    The latest code in Mercurial and doesn't have the latest code. I have scanned every bits and pieces of HR Module and found no process / window definition for Payroll Payment Selection , Create Invoice AxP. If anybody successfully implemented / tested this process, please let us know. If nobody is experienced, we will start working on this activity by our own and will checkin to the Mercurial server. We have already build such logic for different purpose.

  • missakian

    missakian - 2011-10-19


    I can see these two menu entries/features on my version of 360LTS+patches.

    Have you applied the last HR patches from sourceforge? Give them a try…



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