Monthly, Weekly and Fortnightly Frequencies

  • Yogan Naidoo (nTier Software)

    Hi, I am finding this module quite easy and flexible to implement.

    I have a query: How does one implement different Pay Frequencies?

    My feeling is that we should have a separate payroll definition for each frequency with different periods. Then change some of the Concepts to cater for these Pay frequencies differences. That should be all to it.

    How have others done it?

    Yogan Naidoo

  • Oscar Gómez Islas

    Hi Ciao

    If you want to use different payment frequencies, you must create a payroll for each frequency, for example: payroll weekly, payroll monthly.

    The same concept you can bind more than one payroll, in the payrollconcept tab.

    Oscar Gómez


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