bug in releasing mfg order

  • Zuhair Hammadi

    Zuhair Hammadi - 2012-09-27

    Dear all,

    In order to release a manufacturing order, system check if the component required available.
    If the product inventory have mutable set instance, system not sum the quantity and error message raised.

    * Check if the Quantity from all BOM Lines is available (QtyOnHand >= QtyRequired)
    * @return true if entire Qty is available for this Order
    public boolean isAvailable()
    String whereClause = "QtyOnHand >= QtyRequired AND PP_Order_ID=?";
    boolean available = new Query(getCtx(), "RV_PP_Order_Storage", whereClause, get_TrxName())
    .setParameters(new Object{get_ID()})
    return available;

    Zuhair Hammadi

  • Zuhair Hammadi

    Zuhair Hammadi - 2012-10-02

    any one can help ?


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