Cannot Create Year in 353a

siva kumar
  • siva kumar

    siva kumar - 2009-02-23

    Hi all,

    I am using the latest version adempiere 353a. I am getting the following error while creating periods in new year 2009.

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: DocBaseType Invalid value - MOR - Reference_ID=183 - GLJ - GLD - API - APP - ARI - ARR - SOO - ARF - MMS - MMR - MMM - POO - POR - MMI - APC - ARC - CMB - CMC - CMA - MMP - MXI - MXP - PJI - MOF - MOP - MQO - HRP - DOO
        at org.compiere.model.X_C_PeriodControl.setDocBaseType(
        at org.compiere.model.MPeriodControl.<init>(
        at org.compiere.model.MPeriodControl.<init>(
        at org.compiere.model.MPeriod.afterSave(
        at org.compiere.model.PO.saveFinish(
        at org.compiere.model.PO.saveNew(
        at org.compiere.model.MYear.createStdPeriods(
        at org.compiere.process.YearCreatePeriods.doIt(
        at org.compiere.process.SvrProcess.process(
        at org.compiere.process.SvrProcess.startProcess(

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Teo Sarca

      Teo Sarca - 2009-02-23


      Please inactivate old Manufacturing Documents (like MOR). Maybe you can help us with a migration script :) ?

      Best regards,
      Teo Sarca -

      • kitichai

        kitichai - 2009-02-27

        Hi Teo,

        I'm facing the some problem also. I've try to do follow your recommended but can't found it.  Could you please give me more details about inactivate old Manufacturing Documents :-)

        Thank you

        • kitichai

          kitichai - 2009-02-27

          Hi Teo,

          Now I have fixed this problem by define Document BaseType from Document Type window.

          List of document type that I have to define the BaseType,

          Manufacturing Operation Activity
          Manufacturing Order Issue
          Manufacturing Order Method Variance
          Manufacturing Order Receipt
          Manufacturing Order Use Variance
          Manufacturing Order Rate Variance

          Thank you

          • Milind Mandal

            Milind Mandal - 2009-03-25

            Hi all

            Thanks for giving us solution for the same problem which i was too facing.

            Just one thing i wanted to ask .. that all these Document Type ,Document Base will be " Manufacturing Order"




      AZZAM OTHMAN - 2009-05-31

      Dear All,

      I have deactivated all the mentioned Documents but still I am not able to create new year periods in 3.53a. When press the button " Create periods" it hangs giving me the message " Please wait Adempeire is Processing ".

      Please, give me help.

      Thanks & Regards,

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-13

    I've been playing with the 353a AVA appliance and ran into the same problem. Seems like if people are still using the appliance then this can be a recurring problem. I found the solution here: Hope this helps others.


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