Manufacturing Order Co-product not delivering

  • Hi,

    I have created a manufacturing BOM with a Co-product, at the time of saving the BOM Adempiere is correctly refusing positive quantity and accepts negative quantity. Then I generate a Manufacturing order for this product and finally run "Order Receipt & Issue" to deliver the final product.

    The problem is that the process is only delivering the Main BOM product and not the co-product. Trying to manually enter Qty to Deliver at the "Order Receipt & Issue" is also not working (giving an error: Should not happen toIssue=-2000).

    Is the co-product functionality complete? I will be looking into the code however if anyone has experienced this before and can send some pointers etc.


    Hesham S. Ahmed

  • lliane A.
    lliane A.

    Hi all,

    Ive almost Completed the Process for a manufacturing Order but In Order Receipt and Issue window, the following error Occurred "Error:
    NotSupported UOM - UOM[ID=100, Name=Each" living the manufactured Product to ORDERED QUANTITY and DELIVERED QUANTITY to be zero.