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  • komsann

    komsann - 2009-12-03


    Now, I install and test manufacturing on AD354a and FG & RM have got product category costing with FIFO.  After I post the cost collector, the accounting display debit and credit amount with standard cost which I entry in Product Cost screen and the product cost and cost queue of FIFO is still zero. 

    Does the manufacturing cost support Standard cost only?  Am I correct?  Do you have any document described how the costing works in manufacturing module?

    Env: AD354a on MS Windows and Postgresql 8.3
    Thank you.


    AZZAM OTHMAN - 2009-12-07

    Hi Komsann,

    I think that Adempiere supports only Standard Costing in Manufacturing. I tried and it is working fine.But, Ihave some issues : How can we get Actual Cost vs Standard Cost in Manufacturing Transactions ? What are the accounts that have to be traced to close the Manufacturing Order ?  How can we get our Actual Profit & Loss ?

    I am looking forward valued suggestions from Adempiere Community.

    Kind Regards,


  • ammar

    ammar - 2012-07-02

    Hi All,
    I have issue with Order Receipt issue when I create the manufacturing order and then complete it Then run Order Receipt&Issue in this Manufacturing Order this massage appear (*Not found*M_Cost_ID-Accstchema,MCostElement How can I solve this issue
    Ammar Rasheed

  • goran djermanovic

    Is there some instructions on how accounting for manufacturing works? Beside changing accounts is there some option to change some thing in accounting for manufacturing?


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