Welcome to Language-Arabic

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    Welcome to Language-Arabic

    • Najeh KHALED

      Najeh KHALED - 2006-12-06

         We will try together to make the arabic language pack for Adempiere. it's our chance to make it working with arabic words, SO why not?
        Every body who is ineterrested in this subject can post in this forum and we will share the tasks to build together the first arabic language pack 100% GPL.
      Let's do it

      Best regards,


    • Habeek

      Habeek - 2007-01-08

      Very good idea. I hope i'll able to help.

    • Najeh KHALED

      Najeh KHALED - 2007-01-13

      Salam Habeek,
      Thank you for your response. I just read your message now.
        To make things more fast, i will send you a sample XML file translated, and all what you have to do is to try doing the same work for the next file.
         For the others you are all WELCOME.

      Best regards,

    • WhitePeace

      WhitePeace - 2007-03-29

      Salaam Everyone,

      are you srill interested in the arabic interface? how far are you with it?
      I would like to take part in.

    • Najeh KHALED

      Najeh KHALED - 2007-04-02


      Thank you for your help sourcebullet.
      It's great that you participate in this great work, i'll sent you a sample file completly translated and you have to do the same work.

      Best regards,

    • reda.sultan@gmail.com


      I’m interesting in Adempiere Arabic Language. I searched in the web to fined the translation but no succeed. What I found[4/4/2007] is the Adimpere still does not have the Arabic version yet. Compiere already have the Arabic language but not yet available for download. Base on that I have couple of questions.
      1-    Is it possible to get the Compiere Arabic language package/ who?
      2-    Is it possible to build on what we have in Arabic language package?
      3-    Can we setup the Team fore to do this task (I volunteer my self)?
      4-    Any guide line to help me to get the system arabized ?

      Thank you in advance for your support
      Reda Al-Sultan

    • osserp

      osserp - 2007-04-12

      Hi Every Body,
      happy to find arabic forum in Adempiere project.

      I think, that there are several important subjects to discuss, in addition to translations.
      as an example, preparing accounting schema files to upload, in order to use the accounting module correctly.


    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2007-04-25

      Marhaban to every1 here,
      And good news that Najeh is admitted to our developer's list. But please take heed of Carlos Ruiz worry. Do post your code changes first in patches or contributions area and inform in the Developer's forum for us especially him to take a look so that he can trust your work to be efficient and of quality. I am sure he will find it so.



    • mzgh

      mzgh - 2007-09-12


      I am intersting in the Arabic language pack, if any one can help us to get it.



    • Najeh KHALED

      Najeh KHALED - 2007-10-30

      Hi every body,
      I just released the arabic language pack, i'll commit it in the trunk.
      I'm waiting for your comments.

      Best Regards,
      Najeh KHALED

    • mzgh

      mzgh - 2007-11-06

      Salam Najeh KHALED,

      I don't find the arabic language pack in the trunk, can you help us to search it.

      Best Regards

    • AhmedVB

      AhmedVB - 2008-03-26

      Salam Najeh,
      I need to help in this if applicable
      Best Regards
      Ahmed Hosny

    • NRzeqat

      NRzeqat - 2009-01-04

      I am intersting in the Arabic language pack, I can help.

    • mahmoud

      mahmoud - 2009-01-22

      Salam Najeh

      i download that XML folder and i did the configeration on the system i get the steps from this link:


      i tried many times and i try to change the folder name to ar_TN but it is not work..

      when i login with arabic mood the text appears as quastion mark

      ?????????? like this .

      do yopu have any idea why this problem???

      i am useing the latest version 3.5.3a



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